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I met Mr. Gabe Arnold in Cincinnati as he claimed to be traveling and meeting with his sales team there. I'm not an attorney, nor am I an accountant. When I need one, I hire them. And I was starting an e-commerce company and didn't have the 6 figures required to build such a database and website. So, after interviewing Mr. Arnold, I offered him a percentage of ownership in return for sweat equity and building the database and website. He agreed and the nightmare began. The dollar amount invested with Mr. Arnold was only $2,500 for the software needed.

However, it was the time that can't be returned. After I invested several years of hard work to reach the point of meeting Gabe Arnold, I was tired and in denial. I refused to see the red flags he was throwing up. You know, excuses for always being behind. Deadlines always extended. It wasn't until month 9 of my nightmare when he told me he moved from Chicago to 14999 White Rd. Suite 1 Middlefield, OH 44062 because he had lost a law suit with his previous business partner in Chicago. Wow!

He refused to return the stock certificate I initially offered him which forced me to obtain additional legal fees and having to totally reincorporate my company.

And would you believe the guy tried following me on twitter last week? All I can do at this point is tell my story. Please beware.. Anything to do the Arnold, or the tEkk3 company should be looked at very closely before jumping in|.

I wound up seeing a shrink and losing my day job!(depression and anxiety of my bad decision making)

Review about: Software.

Monetary Loss: $2500.



I see this guy pop up on Facebook live and in my newsfeed regularly as I’m in the local area, and I can’t believe people actually trust and/or even listen to him. Is he for real?!

He touts himself as this guru of business when he in fact is *not* successful himself....

shouldn’t that say it all?! As the previous commenter states, he and his partner are definitely ones to stay far away from.

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The guy who posted this story seems to have been ripped off by the same Gabe Arnold who has been involved in:


* Gabe Arnold Construction


* TruFix

* ZigZap * Tekk3 * * * * It would appear to me that as one company gets a bad reputation the name evolves into something else.

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I feel bad for the guy who gave the aforementioned story. Apparently that is his M.O.

I've head horrible stories about him ripping people off and getting sued. He is part of another company called Geauga News. Their catch phrase is positive news. What a joke that is.

He and his partner/love interest are adulterers, liars, and deceivers. I own a business in the same county and got their little sales pitch.

His partner Rachel Strong couldn't be anymore fake. As the person stated in the other post be very weary of any business you might be contemplating with them.

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